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All images are grouped according to hierarchical categories. Everyone has their own style and ideas for organizing their photos. You decide on your category tree.

Use filtering and sorting options to make your work easier.
As the categories are set up and maintained, the hierarchical folder structures are adjusted in the background. Unless the JoomGallery defaults have been changed, this occurs in the local default media directory “images/joomgallery”.
The original images are therefore arranged under “images/joomgallery/originals”. The detailed views can be found under "images/joomgallery/details." The thumbnails are arranged according to the 'images/joomgallery/thumbnails' category.'
Example: The original images in the “Uncategorised” category are located in “images/joomgallery/originals/uncategorised”.
Every time the data for the categories changes, the subcategories and all the images in them are also updated.