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Different configuration settings can be defined for different user groups. At least one global configuration must be provided for the “Public” user group.

The »New« function creates another configuration. A selected configuration can be copied using “batch processing”. Configurations can be published or hidden via “Status”. And finally, the unnecessary configurations can be deleted. Search, filter, and sorting options ensure an overview.

The field names in red are not yet active and are therefore not explained here. Field names with exclamation marks require deeper system knowledge.

Please keep aware
The storage location of an image in the filesystem is derived based on two settings in the config manager:
General Settings/Common Settings/File system --> root of the filesystem
- Image Processing/Static images/Root path --> path to image type folder

Now, if you change one of these settings after you already uploaded some images or created some categories, JoomGallery will create a mess.
The path to images uploaded before the change will not be created correctly, and the images will not be shown any more.
New uploaded images will be treated correctly.

As a result, changing one of these settings requires many operations to bring everything back into line, especially for large galleries. Changing these settings and start these operations could cause many problems if some operations fail for some reason.