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JoomGallery Backend

The JoomGallery is administered in the Joomla backend under the JoomGallery component. In addition to the important settings for configuration, the modifications of images, categories and tags, as well as the maintenance and checking of the relationships between these sections also take place here.

Development work on these functions is still ongoing. As soon as a secure position has been reached, further information will be given here.

In the development of the JG4, we are currently focusing on creating a code base that can keep up with the plans of the Joomla core in the long term and can easily be supplemented with new functions.

This results in a first version with apparently few functions.

However, we plan to gradually add the missing functions through regular updates, depending on the capacities, until the JG4 again corresponds to the functionalities of the JG3.

After that come new features.