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How to migrate your system from Joomla version 3.10.xx with JoomGallery 3.6.2 to Joomla 4 with JoomGallery 4.

Don't uninstall your old JoomGallery, because this will delete all your JoomGallery data from your system. Be sure that your Joomla Version has the actual status 3.10.12 and your JoomGallery has the actual status 3.6.2. If not, upgrade your systems. It is a good idea to upgrade all other components to the actual state in version 3.x.x before you start the upgrade to versions 4..

Backup your system. For instance, run Akeeba-Backup with latest versions.

Elefangor93 wrote on 16.08.2023:.

I am currently working on step 4 of the migration process. Currently, I foresee the following update procedure:
1. Initial state (Joomla 3.10.x, JoomGallery 3.6.x)
2. Update Joomla (Joomla 4.x, JoomGallery 3.6.x)
3. Update JoomGallery (Joomla 4.x, JoomGallery 4.x)
4. Data migration using Jg3ToJg4 migration script

During step 3 the JoomGallery installation script will rename the old JG3 database tables and deactivate all old JoomGallery extensions. Then it installs JoomGallery 4 like a fresh installation.

After step 3 you will have an updated JoomGallery looking and behaving like a newly, freshly installed JoomGallery 4. The data from the JoomGallery 3 will still be there in the background but just not visible in the component, since they are in parallel database tables.

Step 4 will then migrate the old data into JoomGallery 4.

A migration into another parallel Joomla 4 application will also be possible. Then you skip step 1-3 and start directly with step 4 (the migration script).

See Pull-Request at GitHub

This PR adds the migration service as well as a new MVC routine called migration.
A migration script called Jg3ToJg4 to migrate a JoomGallery v3.x to v4.x is already included. Additional migration script can be installed as an extension like in Jg3.

The migration view can be requested with the following URL: /administrator/index.php?option=com_joomgallery&view=migration

Additional comments during my tests you will find in the German version of this article.