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Foto: Helmut May - Fotofreunde Much

The requirements for photography are complex. Our expectations are determined not only by technical progress, but also by our own demands and abilities. The procedures and expectations are discussed in more detail in the »Requirements« section.

At the beginning, there is the photographer with his various cameras. The demand for a good photo grows with experience. The analogue development of photos via the negative and the depiction on paper are long gone. Photos are no longer kept in shoe boxes or laboriously pasted into albums.

But how do I create good photos? Can I improve something afterwards? How do I organize my photos? What do I do with old photos on paper? Where are my photos and those taken by my family members kept? Is this storage secure? How can I share my photos with others?

The photo is more than a photo. We should understand what else is hidden in a photo file. If we skilfully prepare this object photo, we can automatically use many advantages in the further management of our photo collection.

A few concepts and ideas about the design of our private photo collection are certainly just as helpful.

The highest standards are often achieved when our photos become part of presentations in a photo club.

These and other topics should be treated from the point of view of our requirements. Some clues allow us to reflect on our personal concepts. With the help of machine support, we will then implement this creatively.

Also use the opportunity to read further information on the World Wide Web.